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Drug Possession - Criminal Defense Attorney

Orlando Criminal Law Lawyer, providing Drug Possession Criminal Defense Attorney Legal Services in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, and Central Florida area.

Call 407.841.9051 today to schedule a confidential legal consultation with Drug Possession Criminal Defense Attorney, Adam B. Reiss.

Being accussed of drug possession crime can wreak havoc on an individual’s life, tarnishing his or her reputation and inviting judgment and scrutiny by family members, friends, and colleagues, not to mention putting your freedom at stake

Drug crimes are typically prosecuted aggressively, in accordance with the longstanding war on drugs. Facing drug possession charges does not automatically mean a conviction. Attorney, Adam B. Reiss is ready to assist you fighting drug related charges and ensure your legal rights are aggressively protected.

The severity of drug possession conviction penalties depends upon the amount and weight of the drugs. In certain cases, we may find it helpful to ask for independent weighing and analysis of the drugs in question by chemical and lab experts.

Drug possession charges require the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had actual possession of the drugs in question, and / or you have knowledge and control over the drugs. Expienced legal counsel will vigorously hold the prosecution to its burden of proving each and every element of a drug possession charge.

In our preparation of defending drug possession or other drug charges, we must investigate and analyze the circumstances and actions of law enforcement which led to your arrest. We will aggressively challenge any evidence which has been obtained in violation of your constitutional rights.

If you are facing Domestic Violence or Battery Criminal Charges, it is imparative that you find out what your legal rights are, as well as your legal options, and potential defense strategies.

Be proactive in protecting your legal rights. Speak to Criminal Defense Lawyer, Adam B. Reiss.

Call 407.841.9051 today to about your Drug Possession Criminal Defense Legal Needs.

Lawyer, Adam B. Reiss

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