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White Collar Crime - Criminal Defense Attorney

Orlando Criminal Law Lawyer, providing White Collar Crime Criminal Defense Attorney Legal Services in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, and Central Florida area.

Call 407.841.9051 today to schedule a confidential legal consultation with White Collar Crime Criminal Defense Attorney, Adam B. Reiss.

White collar crimes, often referred to as professional crimes, are illegal activities which typically do not include physical violence. When charged with a white collar crime you should take it very seriously, and consult with experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

Being convicted of a professional white collar crime can be catastrophic to you personally, professionally, and financially. As new behaviors are identified, professional white collar crimes are an ever-changing field with new laws being written to include these new behaviors.

White collar crimes may involve, but not limited to the following types of crimes:

Computer / Internet Fraud • Counterfeiting / Forgery • Embezzlement • Extortion • Health Care Fraud • Insurance Fraud • Mail Fraud • Money Laundering • Mortgage Fraud • Perjury • Welfare Fraud • Wire Fraud.

Do not leave your future and reputation to chance. Make sure your legal rights are protected and you voice is heard.

If you are facing White Collar Crime Charges, it is imparative that you find out what your legal rights are, as well as your legal options, and potential defense strategies.

Be proactive in protecting your legal rights. Speak to Criminal Defense Lawyer, Adam B. Reiss.

Call 407.841.9051 today to about your White Collar Crime Criminal Defense Legal Needs.

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